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Construction of an Electric Reel to Collect a Strand of Electric Shepherd

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Engineering Mechanics


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Cornu, Sabrina (School: Centennial Regional High School)
Fuentes, Lucia (School: Alpena High School)

The electric fences are instruments used in areas for separation of pastures, fractionation of livestock feed and provides a perimeter security system allowing the animal does not pass to the other pasture; Works with electricity and is connected by insulated conductors (strands) that carry electricity. In several parts of the world there are reels which are only used by mechanical systems. They are practical at the time of realizing an electrical fence but not practical when picking them up since it requires a big effort. It will be important, since the device to be built will provide an ergonomic design, that it will achieve the biggest effectiveness to carry out the task which is traditionally assigned to female gender. The device to be built called ECOREEL will contain a plastic cylinder, called a reel, of low weight with an electric motor that has a speed regulator, which will work with a rechargeable battery. The basic element of the electric fence is the strands as they will be the ones that carry the electricity causing the animal not to pass the fence. If threads were not available, the cattle would be fed in any part of the field by wasting food and field. It is necessary to collect the thread to avoid cuts, knot formation or that it is entangled and also to help its transport and use. Furthermore it helps to maintain the field ordered, to avoid the cattle to eat a thread which is out off the place (thrown in the area) causing an injury in the animals

Awards Won:
Fourth Award of $500