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Monni, Matteo
Bordigoni, Emma

CONSERVAA is a smart way to combine green technologies in order to provide a longer, healthier food preservation. The main concern is to give nourishment to both the planet and people, by lowering pollution and wastes while keeping food quality as high as possible. The system takes effort of a traditional water-cooling method used for centuries in Sardinia (our homeland) synergizing with vacuum induction and bactericide UV-C lamps, resulting in an overall consumption of one watt per day. CONSERVAA is provided with a battery rechargeable through a solar panel, providing autonomy to the system and allows it to take greater effort of renewable energy sources. This results in a win-win formula for both the planet and humanity: Earth and its inhabitants would benefit from pollution reduction (such as atmospheric emissions) and limiting food wastes would relieve the planet of some strain, giving Earth a breath of fresh, clean air. Furthermore, this system is cheap to produce and it’s modular thus extremely scalable. All these properties make CONSERVAA the ideal solution to preserve food even when other technologies fail due to lack of electricity thus allowing to use its potential to its full extent in extremely poor countries where food, water, electricity and money are extremely limited if not absent, making resource optimization and healthier food provisions crucial to save and improve many more lives.

Awards Won:
Fourth Award of $500