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Balint, Karola

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone and/or a tablet. People use it in very different parts of their lives. They can use it even to speed up their shopping. ShopMap is an Android app which we can create a shopping list with, and after we have arrived at a shop, it plans an optimal route inside the building to help the customer to find the products on the list in the fastest and most effective way. If the costumer has not written a shopping list in advance but cannot find something, he/she can search for the position of the certain product too. I carried out a survey that shows that people find this app useful and would use it with pleasure during their shopping. By this app I would like to evaluate the customers’ needs and find out if it can really make their shopping effective. I tested ShopMap in the laboratory of my high school. I modelled a shop in the laboratory, and asked students, teachers and friends to find some products. We can clearly see from this survey that the app speeded up their shopping. People could find the products with ShopMap 40% faster than with a paper list. I created a MySQL database with data of some products and a map of a fictive shop. The app uses these data and the shopping list to find the optimal route. As I see it, there is a great need for this app.

Awards Won:
Oracle Academy: Award of $5,000 for outstanding project in the systems software category.