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IP Intercom

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Orquin, Nuria
Linares, Jason

Our objective is to offer internal communication everywhere the organization needs it, with the possibility to grow to external communications, taking advantages of pre-existing infrastructure and at very low cost. Through our research and investigation we can provide the following services: Local communication, every device connected to the same network, being an IP telephone, PC or smartphone, can make calls to other devices, the server is also capable of text messages, interactive and programmable voice record menu, call transfers, multilingual voices, voicemail, conference calls and on-hold music, at a free cost. The server can be connected to internet, and interact with other VoIP servers, so their users can call one to another. It can also be connected to an analogic line, allowing any analogic calls to be answered by the server, and therefore being administrated as a digital call. It is noteworthy that all users in the server are configured through an username and password, which guarantees security. We already installed a server in our school. It handles calls made to the school with a programmed interactive voice menu, alowing any caller to communicate with a specific area only by pressing a number, and any staff member to redirect a call without hanging up on the caller, besides the other features stated above. All software we use, runs under Linux, using open source code, which allows us to develop more features in future, for instance, a softphone for PCs and smartphones using the tools provided by the Linux community.

Awards Won:
Fourth Award of $500