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Modified and Adjustable Crutches

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Chamindu Jayasanka, Thanthrige Don

Disabled and old people usually suffer by not being able to move freely as they require as well as to attend to their daily routine work. Most of the crutches available in the market is fixed type and with less flexibility to the height, condition of the person who requires walking assistance. The main purpose of the product is to support disabled people or elderly people to walk without much effort and help them to carry out their work with minimum help from others. Product consists of an adjustable seat with a height adjustable mechanism. The main feature of this product is the adjustability for convenience when the user feels tired or when he or she finds it difficult to stand up for a long time period. For an instance, a user could conveniently adjust the crutches as a seat when using the commode or when he wants to sit while stay in queue. When standing up the user could adjust the height of the crutches back without much effort. In brief, the adjustability of the Crutches enable the user to be comfortable without compromising the safety. Further this product would reduce the dependency of disabled or elderly person so that he can engage in the work as usual.

Awards Won:
Patent and Trademark Office Society: Intel ISEF Best of Category Award of $5,000