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Get Up 'N' Go: Walker Stabilization Device

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Miller, Alexandra

To solve the problem statement - of the 6.1 million mobility device users in the United States, those who push or pull on the walker when sitting or standing cause it to become unstable - the engineering goal was set to develop a walker stabilizer that allows the user to rely on the walker to sit/stand. Aluminum tubing was utilized to build a walker stabilizer that slides into a standard walker frame. It immobilized the walker 100% of the time during testing, adjusts to seat heights between 40 cm-57.15 cm (16 in.-22.5 in.), and bears at least 136.078 kg (300 lbs.). without damage. The final working prototype successfully solved the problem, while maintaining the form and function (maneuverability, storage capability, ergonomics, and aesthetics) of the standard walker.

Awards Won:
Fourth Award of $500