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Narrativa Soft: Software to Work on Narrative Production

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Davila, Bibiana

My project had as objective to create a platform to students in early grades of elementary school to help them in textual productions. I developed the software for the web, so that is functional regardless of hardware or operating system used and also to allow more interactivity between users, using PHP and JavaScrip languages, the MySQL database and website structure and layout, HTML and CSS. In the project, I sought principally focus on narrative structure. For this, I created an environment where the text was written in parts, each part corresponding to a moment of narrative text: initial situation triggering node, reaction or evaluation, outcome and final situation. It also brought these parts graphically, for a better understanding of children. I still have made available to each party: tips, explanations and examples and, in all software, spell checking - which underlined wrong words according to the language of the browser. I have developed the "Narrativa Soft" in an online platform, and the project still had spaces where it was possible to publish the texts produced, comment on them, reading texts of other people and create new versions of them. I tested the system with fifth grade classes, with students from nine to eleven years old. First, they performed narrative texts without the aid of software and then using, and I compared the texts qualitatively analyzing the points at which students had shown some improvement. The software achieved good results: although it has not helped the problems of cohesion and coherence, the texts made in the software showed improvements in spelling and textual structure.

Awards Won:
Oracle Academy: Award of $5,000 for outstanding project in the systems software category.