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Increased Efficiency in Solar Energy for Developing Countries

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Jackson, Matthew
Norwood, Austin

Around the world, electrical energy isn't always easy to obtain. In many developing countries, common electrical energy is close to nonexistent. While there are not as many large cities and electrical powered objects as there are in many first world countries, a need for electricity is still present. A need for both an easily portable and low cost energy system is clearly present for uses in developing countries. While solar panels are common commodities in most developing countries, demand of electrical power is always greater than its supply. To help this issue, our goal is to make capturing solar energy more efficient. Research shows that tracking the sun as it moves in the sky can improve the efficiency of solar panels. The goal of this project is to verify this hypothesis while at the same time producing a product that is rugged, durable, inexpensive, and that can be easily portable in developing countries.

Awards Won:
Third Award of $1,000