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Grains of Gold

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Materials Science


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Al Bastaki, Shamma
Abu Alhassan, Hayat

Throughout our research project, we will be analyzing the properties of a relatively new yet potentially pivotal scientific breakthrough, which is Hydrophobic Sand, occasionally recognized as “Magic Sand” or “Nano Sand”. We will be examining its effectiveness in battling certain global environmental issues threatening not just mankind, but also the entirety of life on Earth. The predicaments we will be focusing on include: Oil spills, water scarcity, ground-water contamination, soil aeration, flood and coastal protection, weak foundations due to high salinity, and digging objects stuck in frozen ground. We will be doing so by conducting controlled experiments based on our background research to test our hypotheses, recording our observations through informative graphic organizers, drawing conclusions, and determining whether our hypotheses were valid or false. All the while, The Scientific Method will be thoroughly implemented. The general aim of conducting this research is to give its readers a deeper insight into the valuable potential Hydrophobic Sand possesses and the ways it can be essentially beneficial in saving our planet as well as preserving precious resources

Awards Won:
Second Award of $2,000