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Sobreviviente (Survivor)

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Energy: Physical


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Sauceda Lopez, Jose
Sauceda Lopez, Felipe de Jesus

Breast cancer in Mexico is the leading cause of cancer death in women of reproductive age, every two hours a woman dies as a consequence of this disease. Most people who survive have a mastectomy, which is required after physical rehabilitation, as the muscles and blood supply of the shoulder and arm on the affected side left with sequelae such as lack of movement and strength. Why work with a project that is divided into two phases: the first is oncology outreach, seeking information on the importance of prevention of this disease to the population, and the second, in the construction of a mechanical device to give muscular physical therapy rehabilitation for survivors of breast cancer with mastectomy patients. Machine consists of a motor, transmission, PTO, pulleys, metal frame, and a chair was constructed. Decision- terminal forces a coplee - rod, which is attached to a rod that is attached to the rotating bracera charge, which subsequently raises and lowers the bracera fits. In this way the patient does have the necessary movements in the upper limb for rehabilitation, providing physical therapy through extension and abduction movements. The project has been implemented in 47 women ranging from 35 to 69, providing rehabilitation in the affected side, which has been noticed in the course of 6 weeks of therapy with each patient increased his strength and range of motion, demonstrating favorable results in the device. It is also safe for the patient. In the release, it has been reported about 1000 people, where we explain the importance of the prevention of breast cancer and we present the major risk factors such as age, family history, no parity, breastfeeding, etc.. It seeks to increase the number of patients, hoping to continue with this treatment.