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CUCARI-YA (Biological Insecticide Based Poisonous Plants)

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Physics and Astronomy


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Ortiz Campos, Maria
Morales Jimenez, Edgar
Felipe Trinidad, Lorena

Currently the lack of hygiene in the society , has become one of the main promoters of diseases caused by pathogens such as fungi, viruses and bacteria that produce some crawling insects such as cockroaches , whom live in heavily soiled areas. We observe critically and analytically this situation in our environment , we decided to undertake a project with the aim of creating a biological insecticide made ​​from highly toxic plants such as oleander ( Neruim Ole- Ander ) and Castor ( Ricinus communis L.) . However, it is important to know more about diseases that trigger this type of pest , gastroenteritis , typhoid , dysentery , are clear examples , to name a few . So far experimental procedures performed in the laboratory of Natural Sciences of our institution we have managed to kill the blonde or German cockroach ( Blattella Germanica ) . Our aim is to reduce the spread of the plague of cockroaches and contribute to a healthy environment , without affecting the economy of families, especially those living in extreme poverty. We are aware that to accomplish this has been a real challenge, however safely say that we succeeded because after a long time process innovation came a product called : CUCARI - YÁ.