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Educational Module Development Multiple Knowledge

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Energy: Chemical


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Beciez Bedolla, Jaqueline
García Hernandez, Juan Carlos

" Educational Module Development Multiple Knowledge " is a prototype which is composed of electrical, electronic, pneumatic and programming that aims to motivate student learning and school desertion fight because they are attracted by the use of such proposals today are important to know, understand , and above all apply and interact with existing technologies around us also has this kind of methods are presented new ideas for study provides a better understanding of the subjects regarded somewhat difficult, thus forming self-sufficient and competent students for the workforce can be inserted with ease to daily life or in any context in which the student is . This project consists of various types of electrical components to demonstrate the importance of using each of them, and facilitate learning in each .Also worth noting that in this prototype we handled it the theory and practice that often teachers give us only the theory and the practice. This innovation is one of the best options because it provides a vision of a world of knowledge from new educational models that help fight school desertion.