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Does your Dollar Go Farther in Golf?

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Engineering Mechanics


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Malone, Parker (School: Holyoke Catholic High School)
Dunn, Peyton (School: Holyoke Catholic High School)

The purpose of our science fair project was to determine if brand name golf balls were actually more efficient than off-brand golf balls. We wanted to see if it was actually worth spending more on more expensive golf balls to help your golf game. Our data proved that more expensive, name brand golf balls are worth it for an average golfer. We think that our project is valuable to show that more expensive brands can help your sports performance. Our hypothesis was that name brand golf balls will have a longer golf driving distance than off-brands. We also projected that Brand #2 would be the best out of all of the brands. We decided to test our hypothesis by hitting four different golf brands. We named the golf ball brands, Brand #1, Brand#2, Brand#3, and Brand #4. We went to an open field to hit each golf brand six times with the same club to see which golf brand produced the longest average driving distance. We used three different people as data to have three different trials. The bigger name golf brands hit an average of 10-20 meters farther than our lower name brand, Brand #1. Brand #2, Brand #3, and Brand #4 averaged about 100 meters on their drives. Brand #1 averaged only about 80 meters on its drives. Our conclusion was that golfers should spend more on higher name brands to be more efficient in golf. We met our objective in our project.