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Environmental Stove

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Environmental Engineering


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Maraqa, Musbah
Hussein, Qusai

Although there are some stove types in our life like gas stove and wood stove, all of these types can be harmful for humans and our environment. For example, the gas stove could burn the area if the gas leaked out and exploded by mistake. In addition, it could be very dangerous and toxic if it was inhaled in big amounts. As it is known, wood stove relies on burning wood which originates from trees, so we end up cutting trees and in that case we would be damaging our environment . The Environmental stove presents a new way for cooking using the most abundant compound on earth; water. Which is safe to use and available in mounts more than any other compound. The Environmental stove affords an easy, safe, feasible, affordable, also nondestructive and more efficient method for cooking food. This device was designed depending on electrolysis (the composition of water by electric current passing through water). Using solar panels for producing electricity, we provide the generator plates and the water pump with the required power. The generator plates are used as a reaction surface to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. As we know that the hydrogen is flammable and that’s what our project mostly depend on.

Awards Won:
Fourth Award of $500