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"ANATORAMA": The Wonderful Human Body

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Leon Cruz, Marisol

To date, teaching science has been treated as an unachievable aspect and has been reserved only for a privilege group to which students do not have access. thus, making it a challenge for students to assume. Consequently, in the subjects of biology and health science; the characteristics, functions and instruments related to health problems with the body system are carried out and they could be difficult and tedious to understand and learn at times since the information provided is excessive. For example, there are definitions, structures, functions and concepts causing boredom and loss of interest. Furthermore, these issues brings as consequence; the deficiency of comprehension and the high percentage of failing grades. Therefore, something had to be done to make this learning process less overwhelming, easier to learn and more fun. The objective was to make a didactic game, named “ANATORAMA” for its meaning of its two words that compose it. The game has four different types of challenges such as; multiple choice questions, drawing and molding, complete the word, definitions, and last but not least acting, singing and imitating. Thusly, combining and incorporating different learning abilities and characteristics of each student. In conclusion, this game “ANATORAMA” contributes to students´ ability to dominate topics that are difficult to understand and to simplify topics that are long and boring making it more fun and more relaxing. Further, this game promotes the development and improvement of competence and students´ personal growth such as; friendship, work well with others, responsibility and respect.