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Three New Species of the Genus Novophytoptus roivainen 1947 (Acariformes, Eriophyoidea) from Russia, Serbia and USA

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Cellular and Molecular Biology


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Petrushenko, Timofei
Ruazantceva, Valentina

Eriophyoid mites of the genus Novophytoptus live inside air cavities of leaves and stems of herbaceous monocots. Three new species of this genus were found on rushes (Juncaceae) in North-West Russia, Serbia and USA. Up to now ten species of the genus Novophytoptus have been found in Europe (7 species), North America (2 species) and South America (1 species) on plants from the order Poales (families Poaceae, Juncaceae and Cyperaceae). Principal Component analysis of morphological traits shows that Novophytoptus mite species living on grasses, sedges and rushes do not form three separate groups. Morphological adaptations of Novophytoptus mites presumably connected with their endoparasitic life style are briefly discussed.