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Turn Your Standard Screen in to a Touch Screen

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Embedded Systems


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Centurion Torres, Joseph
Esquivel Trujillo, Bruno

This work is to demonstrate how simple it can be to convert a computer screen into an interactive screen, this is because we are replacing the cursor with an infrared pen, then, with this we can do everything the computer mouse can do: such as making handwritten notes, draw, comfortably use all the programs on the computer in an entertaining way, out of the ordinary, giving you the feeling that you're using a touch screen. There is a way to use a computer screen as a touch screen. With the use of a computer with Bluetooth, a Nintendo Wii controller, an Infrared Pencil and a small computer program, the feeling of working with a touchscreen is achieved. This project can be applied in the teaching-learning process, and will raise the academic performance of students, making animated, interactive, lively, participatory classes as demonstrated by the implementation of this project. The Project was implemented in the Sixth Grade "B" of the primary school in San Luis in the region of Moquegua, students raised their academic performance in the section where the Project was applied with the support of the section’s teachers.