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Mycoplasma bovis in Dairy Cattle: Can It Be Isolated from More than One Site?

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McGehee, Cady (School: Toth Arpad High School)

The purpose of this experiment was to determine if Mycoplasma bovis could be isolated from milk fluid, blood, lachrymal fluid, and nasopharyngeal cultures. The veterinarian collected milk fluid, blood, lachrymal fluid, and nasopharyngeal cultures from 18 dairy cows tested positive for Mycoplasma bovis during a routine testing conducted by the dairies. After this I took the samples back to Milk Quality Laboratory for plating, incubation and the reading of the sample which was over seen by the manager of the laboratory. After 10 days of incubation I read each individual sample and counted the number of Mycoplasma bovis colonies on each sample. Mycoplasma bovis grew in 8 milk cultures followed by the lachrymal fluid which had Mycoplasma bovis present on 7 samples then the nasopharyngeal cultures with Mycoplasma bovis visible on 3 samples and with the least bacteria present blood only had Mycoplasma bovis present in 1 sample. This did therefore support my hypothesis that yes Mycoplasma bovis can be isolated from more than one site. This allows dairymen and cattle ranchers a different route for testing animals for Mycoplasma bovis at a younger age. This would allow the animals to get proper treatment and save dairyman and cattle ranchers millions of dollars.