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Intelligent Traffic Light

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Engineering Mechanics


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Iremadze, Zaza
Khimshiashvili, Nino
Kvatsikheli, Besarion

Unfortunately, even in the 21st century the rights of the disabled people are not protected properly. The governments in developing countries are often not able to ensure their safe relocation and their adaptation with environment. With the help of our project we are eager to help people who have weak eye sight to deal with this problem of safe relocation. The main aim of our project is to make easier the adaptation with environment for people with above given problem. The project contains new traffic lights for the visually impaired pedestrians. When the green color is switched on the traffic light for cars, magnet is switched on. The metal stick of the blind person is attached to the traffic lights. When the green light for pedestrians is switched on, the gravitation of the electric magnet stops its action and blind person is given a signal to cross the street which contains guiding electromagnetic tape. In our model there are 4 traffic lights that are connected parallel with electromagnet, which is located on the sidewalk. There will be an electromagnet put through the crossroad that guides the stick of pedestrian. The project prototype includes the following elements: transformer 220/12, 8 bulbs, free plate, plug, iron plates and cartouches. Our innovate project ‘’intelligent traffic light’’ aims to help people with weak eyesight to move safely in the streets. We are planning an appointment with government in order to persuade them to put into practice our project in the streets.