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An Innovative Way to Help in the Functioning of Cars on the Roads in Snow and Ice

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Engineering Mechanics


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Alrajabi, Abdel Rahman

The problem of the project depends on the ability of non- functioning of most of the cars on the snow and in the event of Freeze , leading to the creation of crises and the progress of an increase in traffic accidents , the disruption of the manifestations of public life, from work , and the inability of people to move in cases of extreme necessity. Significance of the project is that any one can put the device on the weel , he does not need to raise the wheel from the ground so easy to put it , and make the car going in the difficult weather conditions as well as it will reduce the human and material losses resulting. Helping any pushing kind in the cars (SUV and Front Drive) to walk on snow and ice and the reduction of sliding. The importance of this project is that anyone can install it on their tires, because they don’t have to lift their cars and it is very easy to install. and when you finish from putting it on your car it can literary walk on anything. And some of it advantages is that it will cut the loses from mankind and it saves you money. Reduce traffic accidents and crises suffocating in winter when snowing. The possibility of movement in cases of extreme necessity. Mitigation of human and material losses. 1-The Design Stage: In the design phase we went back to the design that was used in the track in terms of shape , also dealt with the problems that suffered when in use , for example, the difficulty of installation, the sound of it, its impact on the wheels and the street ,also slide when driving the car on the roads both high or low , we have dealwith these problems in the new device, where we worked to be easy to install , not to issue voice while driving, does not affect the shape of the street and the wheel, and better performance when driving