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Bacteriophage Lotion: A Way of Preventing the Spread of Bacterial Diseases

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Quiaios, Beatriz
Monteiro, Ana Rita

The aim of this project is  to create a prototype of a bacteriophages concentrated cream, which can, in some way, prevent diseases caused by certain types of bacteria. Thus, it will be easier to avoid the use of antibiotics, which downgrades the formation of new resistant strains of bacteria, more effective and healthy than the usual disinfectants way. We verify the feasibility and success of the action of the cream. To do this, we took into account various factors, the durability of the protective effect of the cream, the degree of protection that it allocated (ie, the amount of bacteria that was capable of destroying per application) and, finally, the possible contraindications that could have. When durability, we conclude that the effect of our cream is longer than the normal disinfectant. Regarding the degree of protection, we conclude that our cream is as effective as normal disinfectants. Finally, with regard to the contraindications, there is no danger associated with the use of this cream as it does not affect the bacteriophage animal cells, only the respective bacteria.