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Co-Eerting Surplus: To Collect to Separate Pollution Plant Materials of Rice Plantae with Fresh Water Perch Fish (Perca fluviatilis) of Trichderma Terrarium

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Materials Science


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Mohammed, Mohammed
Murad, Diyari

Fish are often raised on their own. We got the idea to raise them with rice crops. We dig the farm 50cm then raise perch fish there so that less land is wasted less water is polluted and the waste of the fish is good for the rice as well as the nutrition of the rice is good for the fish. The results we got were pretty good, we increased the profit the fish were completly healthy and they even tasted better! After raising a few generations of rice and fish the water gets polutted, so we will clean the polluted water and reuse it. Water purification is normally done by chemicals but they are expensive and often bad for our health and the water purified by chemicmals doesnt taste good. The best method for water purification is boiling the water but this method is usually really expensive. Our plan is to boil water without the use of electricity by the system we came up with that boils water by the sun’s heat using some system efficiency, so to sum up, our project saves water land and produces healthier fish and rice. We got the results after 75 days of expirmenting.