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Traffic Control System for the Blind

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Peremobowei, Edi
Samuel, Victory

Due to high death rate caused by avoidable accidents in most of our roads,inability of the visually impaired to make use of our roads, non- adherence to traffic laws by commuters and the inefficient traffic control system currently in use; the need for the implementation of a higher system capable of combating these myriads of problems. This project presents an automated control system that will ensure 99% safety to all road users. This system can be called a robotic road, a talking traffic junction, an accident avoidance system but we summarily called it a traffic control system for the blind because even the blinds in the society were considered in the research and implementation. For the fact that the visually impaired are not exempted in this system use leaves one imagining how safe our road can become if this project is fully implemented for the benefit of man. The project entails an x-ray on how a complex synchronization of full duplex human voice and automated bars were integrated into a traffic lightening system thereby is leaving us with a very safe road. Finally, the project includes an over speed detection system with alert to inform road safety agents about an oncoming over speeding vehicle. This is to enable them take a proactive measures in managing an impending disaster. To achieve all these, a complex algorithm were deployed and executed using high level computer language tied around an INTEL MICROCONTROLLER.