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Analysis of Performance and Effectiveness of Biodiesel Produced by Methanol

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Plant Sciences


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Hernandez - Espiet, Andre

Biodiesel is a type of alternative environmental fuel that can be made from certain types of vegetable oils or animal fat which is normally used as a replacement for diesel. In this study, biodiesel was made from commercial corn oil via alkaline ultrasonic transesterification using potassium hydroxide as a catalyzer. The only difference from the regular production of biodiesel is that methanol was used. If the alcohol utilized in the production of biodiesel is different, so will the biodiesel be. After producing biodiesel from methanol, the samples of biodiesel were tested to see which is more effective for the production of biodiesel and which would be more convenient. Additionally, different physical properties of the samples of biodiesel were observed and analyzed in order to observe and predict why the results seen where the ones obtained.