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Cymbo Quito as an Alternative to Reduce Mosquito Population

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Environmental Engineering


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Zamri, Nur Zayani

Citronella is a traditional plant that is abundance source and easy to found in Southern Asia. It is rarely use for medication in modern world and never be a main material for anything. So , the objective of this product is to study the relationship between citronella as main material in reducing the population of mosquito without kill them. Some experiment has been carried out to proving that citronella can be used for this product . It started when the type of plant such as citronella , ‘selasih seeds’ , ‘bunga kantan’ and clove is being choose by put a few of mosquito inside the compartment and test it respectively . It then being continued by test the effectiveness between citronella root or citronella stem with root , hydrosol and essential oil of citronella and lastly the experiment about testing the original product which is Cymbo-Quito with others product nowadays . The oil essential of citronella is produced by distillation process and from that the GCMS result is formed . The GC-MS result showed that major chemical compounds of the citronella oil used were citronella (35.97%),nerol (17.28%), citronellol (10.03%), geranyle acetate (4.44%),elemol (4.38%), limonene (3.98%), and citronnellyle acetate(3.51%).As a result , it is been proved that citronella is most effective among the plants which is 96 % the efficiency repellent. The used of root with stem of Cymbopogon Nardus state the best record of efficiency repellent which is 90% , higher than leaves.Cymbo Quito also state the best record as it was 90% efficiency repellent between product that have been made nowadays. As the conclusion , citronella or Cymbopogon Nardus is the most effective in reduce the population of mosquito besides have many benefits when using this product.