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The Xylem Filter

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Physics and Astronomy


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Shah, Shailey

In the world today, approximately 1.6 million people die of waterborne diseases every year. There have been so many filters created, but they are very expensive and made of unrecyclable material. What if we could create a filter that could clean viruses and bacteria out of water that is made of something all-natural, biodegradable, and inexpensive? The Xylem filter is a filtration system that is simple and effective. The design is based around the idea that all living things require pure, clean water, to some extent, in order to sustain life. Just as we humans need filtered water in order to survive, plants need filtered water in order to do photosynthesis. If plants are able to filter their own water, they could be useful in filtering water for anything. Thus, with an eco-friendly, abundant, plant based filter, we could solve the problem of dehydration once and for all.