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Linking the Onset Type and Level of Severity of a Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder with Symptoms and Causations

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Cellular and Molecular Biology


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Astore, Courtney

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurological body based biological disorder. Although ample research has been documented, there are still many theories, questions about the causes, symptoms, and recommended protocol for therapy. The purpose of this project is to establish more definitive causation links of ASD and gain a richer understanding of how the onset types as well as the level of severity of a diagnosis of Autism are interrelated with symptoms. It was hypothesized that the levels of severity based on an individual’s diagnosis of ASD would show clear similarities on the type of onset, early/later indicators, specific symptoms and most challenging/most-improved categories of improvement. Also, the levels of severity would indicate trends in several factorial areas. In order to conduct this study, prior research on the three levels of severity, symptoms, and causation of ASD ensued. This included interviewing ASD specialists offering details and insights into developing the data study. There were 78 participants of parents of children affected by ASD which conveyed that there is much misconception on where an affected individual may lie on the Autism Spectrum. The control group of parents of children unaffected by ASD included 50 participants. It was concluded that there were similarities of symptoms throughout the three levels of severity as well as onset types. However, the hypothesis was disproved by there being no definitive causation identifiers throughout the levels of severity and onset type. The study did show some indication of possible causations relating to individuals affected by ASD.