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Development of Access to Unconscious Feelings in the Field of Neurobiological Physiology: By Means of Detection of REM Sleep

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Kochankov, Oleg

The research deals with a problem of an increasing lability of regulatory mechanism of brain, which is solved by opening an indirect access link by means of automated detection of REM sleep with the use of created application of the hardware-software complex «Corrector of Sleep». Devices for improving and correction of sleep on the basis of intervention with the use of just one analyzer exist; an example of such an apparatus is Dremate DEM 800. In this investigation with the use of visual, acoustic, tactile cues by applying the created application of the hardware-software complex «Corrector of Sleep» is provided the development of self-direction skills by means of training and increasing of lability of regulatory mechanism of brain. A certified method of access to unconscious feelings was tested in therapeutical aims on the group of volunteers, made it possible to reveal an effectiveness of application of the hardware-software complex on the basis of biofeedback «machinery-man». The main peculiarity of the suggested technique – it is aimed at changing man’s attitudes to his problems, which facilitates him to modify his real behavior as well. From the foregoing it follows that this procedure could be applied for rehabilitation of people, who are downstage to drug and alcohol abuse; this is possible due to a substitution of drug and alcohol abuse with the positive influence that will provide created on the basis of the following methodology the software and hardware complex. The present hardware-software installation passed preliminary controls and tests in the Multifaceted Medical Centre “Academy of Health” (Sarov city). Its effectiveness was proofed and it was recommended for clinical investigation.