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Rocket Application

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Embedded Systems


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Bustros, Gilbert
Nasr, Hicham

Whatsapp, Skype, Hangout … all these messaging services offer the same features (Texting , voice mail ,file sharing …) with different UI. So we decided to make an innovative, practical messaging application that resolve UX problems and fill the gap of these classical messengers. As a user of these applications, we started to think about missing features that could resolve some problems like reading and typing messages while driving, preventing security agencies from violating privacy, and saving time in conversations. So we thought for the first problem to create “car mode” that is automatically activated, when so the application reduce interaction with received messages to only one touch to speak and another to reply. For the second we thought of an P2P protocol secured with key pairs for each device, then there will be no stored data on our servers to be leaked. For the third one , we made the application to send every single word while being typed, so other party could read, understand and reply without having to wait the others to finish typing. As we started designing the system, we made sure that every single idea is not an impossible mission, and ,without any problems ,currently the system is under development. We made a prototype for ensuring that these features are practical for users. Rocket is an innovative messaging application for smartphones that redefines secure realtime messaging and resolves the problem of reading messages while driving.