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Portable Kidney

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El Halabi, Celia
Amatory, Serage

The concept of PORTABLE KIDNEY has been conceived in the hope that it will change the lives of hundreds of kidney failure patients suffering from tough fixed schedule treatments. Portable Kidney is a new peritoneal dialysis machine that can be used anywhere (office, home, bedroom etc...), in an easier manner (without the need of a nurse or any other assistant) & much less expensive. The device consists of a box equipped with a digital screen that provides the patient with detailed instructions (how the device is used and how is it connected to the body and all the safety instructions), in addition to the common strict diet that should be followed by the kidney failure patients. The patient is subjected to select one of the cases that the Portable Kidney offers, and the latter should be chosen by the nephrologist. Then the pump embedded in an Eco-friendly ultra bag (1) will automatically push the dialysate solution by the means of medical tubes connected to a catheter into the body. The solution enters the peritoneum and absorbs all the wastes from the blood during an interval of time (depending on the chosen case). After that, the solution will be drained outside the body to the ultra bag (2). The ultra bags used are Eco-friendly so that they can be washed and used again. The Portable Kidney is the radical solution for the common hazardous disease "Kidney Failure", it assures that all the Kidney Failure patients, will be put on the right track to the life they deserve: -They can finally perform there dialysis schedule in a comfortable manner, in any place, and without the assistance of a specialized center. -The process of dialysis will be less expensive and affordable for all patients.