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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Anthocyanins as Sunscreen, Phase Two

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Plant Sciences


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Boyle, Julie

In the United States, skin cancer is common; it can be prevented by using sunscreen lotion. My goal was to create a natural sunscreen using plant pigments (anthocyanins) found in blueberries and raspberries. Last year I discovered that pigments extracted from red berries did block UV light. This year I mixed these pigments with a cosmetic foundation. To do this I dehydrated blueberries and raspberries, pulverized them, and then mixed the resulting powder with a cosmetic foundation. My new foundation absorbed radiation in the UV-A and UV-B spectrum and has the potential to increase the ability of foundation to block harmful radiation from the sun. The addition of the powder to the foundation had little effect on its appearance, making it attractive to users. Since this new foundation works as a sun block, it may help prevent people from getting skin cancer.