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The Vain Cayenne

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Physics and Astronomy


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Arrieta Mejia, Oriana
Tapia Avila, Carlos

The Cayenne (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), has been used for a long time by some members of the community of Buenavista - Sucre, Colombia, in the preparation of concoctions used in the improvement of the hair and cure of some diseases. Despite recognizing these properties there is a systematic and experimental work involving the procurement and marketing of capillary and medicinal products. According to the above, the following research question arose: would get a hair treatment that provides significant benefits to the hair, starting from the bunch or Cayenne plant (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)? Our research started with a literature search, cibergrafica and scientific papers for more information. Interviews were conducted with seniors of our community, which were fundamental to reach traced in the research question. Collected raw we test based on warming, maceration, and filtering methods with different amounts of components looking for the proportion that would allow an optimal product.With the already defined proportion, began the process of elaboration of the hair treatment, which was subjected to performance tests in individuals with different hair types and colorations that allowed check by observing the ability to give the hair shine and management. During the pilot test, it was found that in some people of clear hair changes are produced in color so recommended their use in dark hair while performing tests that confirm it.