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Marine Platforms: Scientific Ways of Protection from Oil Sea Pollution (Sealant Oil Device)

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Environmental Engineering


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Alsafar, Abdullah
Al-Thani, Hamad
Abbas, Gaffar

Introduction: Treating the disaster of oil leaking from marine oil platforms by using sealant oil device with low costs Problem of research • Wasting billions of Dollars when catastrophic pollution happens in marine environment and in case of oil leaking in oil platforms. • How to provide effective,realistic,low cost way for protection and solving the problem of oil leaking Procedures Inductive scientific and experimental method. Results 1- Obtaining about 90% efficiency sealant oil device in an experimental way that can fortunately lead to avoiding oil leaking in water that can be due to catastrophic pollution in marine environment ,and we will do this with low cost. Thus, we can protect our planet. 2- We can collect the leaking oil again so; we will keep billions of dollars. 3- We can finance building a sealant oil device by providing energy in a creatively and effectively. Conclusion: great financial benefits in two ways 1- Protect environment (this equals billions) 2- If oil leak occur, we can collect it without water from cylinder of Sealant oil device So no wasted oil