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The International Medical Unit (UMI)

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El Othman, Radwan

The international statistics indicates an increase in the deceased people because of leukemia and the reduction of donors in bone marrow. In U.S.A the registered donors are less than 2% of the population number and in other healthy sectors as organ donation, the number is limited. Adding to that, the absence of accurate medical statistics and renovating them. From this perspective «The international Medical Unit (UMI) » project aims to solve all those problems. This system aims at transforming the healthy reports even the most accurate ones to an international unified informative system that helps to renew the donors’ lists and medical statistics directly in addition to the possibility of abbreviating lots of tests preceding the donation and detecting possible donors easily. This new system _with its limited cost_ offers solutions to many difficult problems the most prominent ones: Expanding bone marrow and organ donation lists, immediate innovation for medical statistics and stating biological relationships easily. This system particularly respects privacy limitation and medical manners. This system relies on a general study concerning organs and bone marrow donation. I have relied in my research on many international references the most prominent ones: USA Today and National Cancer Institute SEER. My project may be adopted in all countries even in under developed ones, it does have many benefits in reducing the number of death related to the leak of organ/ bone marrow donors, besides helping the international organizations with instantly updated medical data. Moreover, this project will be able to solve many social issues as recognizing biological parents etc.