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The Effect of Developing a Multilingual Cell Phone Application Based on Voice Search to Meet the Satisfaction of the Islamic Art Museum Visitors

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Alrumaihi, Abdulla
Al-Khatter, Thamer
Alyafei, Nasser

Introduction: The concept of legacy must keep abreast with saving and reviving it. This was an incentive to develop the possessions of Islamic Art Museum (IAM) as they have a major role in transferring the experiences of human heritage through generations and overcoming the obstacles that could affect their content, besides, meeting the satisfaction of the 2022 World Cup guests. The Problem: The labels on the (IAM) possessions may be affected by surrounding Lights, written in small fonts hard to read or written in one or two languages. Also those labels could be either too small to write enough information about the possessions or too boring long ones. That our approach to start the research. The Target: What is the effect of developing a multilingual cell phone application based on voice search to meet the satisfaction of the Islamic Art Museum visitors? The hypothesis: The research supposes that the cell phone app. based on a multilingual voice search about the (IAM)’s possessions has its effect on the satisfaction of the (IAM) visitors. The procedures: Research was divided into two areas: • First, the practical one to get the features of voice search and converting results to speech. • Second, recognizing the effect of the application on (IAM) visitors by using the descriptive way. Outcomes: Based on the questionnaire • I do not find a possession label written in more than three languages 100% • I find the possessions label written in small fonts 92% • I find difficulty in reading the possessions label because of the illumination 63% Conclusions: The research team believes that implementing an application is a new addition to be used in the (IAM) to keep abreast with world museums and to achieve the best performance & besides displaying human heritage.