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Macias Juarez, Aaron
Jaramillo Lizarraga, Jesus

Currently people live in a world where food demand is very large due to the number of people who populate the earth. To take advantage of the food produced , man has used various methods of preserving them , one of them, the Conservatives chemicals , including sodium nitrite. In the studied community , most people work in the fields and they consume ( among other things) food mainly packaged meats like hams and sausages because they are practical and easy to prepare . Hence it is given the task of investigating what would be the brands of these products with more sodium nitrite since the abuse of their consumption is linked to cancer development . Therefore, a simple experimental laboratory technique with materials commonly used was used. The reagents used were obtained at an institution of higher education. Sausages of different brands were also acquired , which , in contact with the reagents revealed the presence of nitrite by a pink color that varied in intensity according to the amount of preservative present in each of the brands. The project aims to create awareness among the population about the risks of frequent consumption of cured meats. By means of the technique was demonstrated that these foods contain sodium nitrite. After socializing the results of research in schools and the community, where it has been observed an interest in knowing more about the subject , however a few have been indifferent . This project is aiming to continue working with the people, and it will soon be using different media. Through dissemination of the project and surveys that have been done to the people in the community of El Apoderado, which is the study community has realized that it is not easy to change eating habits in a community where food sausages are consumed frequently.