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Help Me! I Can't Take It Anymore: Together We Will Succeed

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Environmental Engineering


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Culqui Vasquez, Jhosley
Tello Vargas, Fernando

This project titled, Help me! I don’t take it anymore: Together we will succeed, is intended to answer the following problem: How to reduce the solid waste generated by the residents of Chachapoyas to contribute to the environment conservation? The general objective of this research is to create an eco-efficient environmental culture in town, emphasized in the proper management of solid waste in the province of Chachapoyas. For the development of this project a diagnosis of the current situation of solid waste was made. Actions to reduce the risk of contamination and subsequently affecting environmental quality by their cause were defined by the progress and achievements in the province. The research shows us the actions to achieve the reduction of solid waste in public areas (hot spots), reducing the spread of disease by promoting the proper management of solid waste. The methodology used for the study was based on the Instruction Manual of the Ministry of Environment. The population participating in this study, was voluntarily and trained. They used everything that was available, such as plastic bags, buckets, among others, as containers. The organic waste was processed in the Treatment Plant of our school, located in the back of the classroom, by composting into manure, humus, fertilizer and organic insecticides. These products are used to fertilize and protect the fruit trees and organic vegetables from our school garden, from fungi and parasites. Inorganic recyclable waste, which are collected by applying the 3 R's are converted into ornaments and useful items for us.