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Group Phylos: Student Choir as an Instrument of Cultural Inclusion

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Nogueira, Mateus
Nascimento, Lorena

Music is a universal phenomenon that is present in the history of all civilizations .Since the beginning, it is part of everyday life of communities, manifesting itself in different ways . According to research on the benefits that music can provide its adepts, one can realize the importance of inserting it in the educational system. In August 2008 it was approved a law in Brazil mandating the teaching of music in schools of basic education. This law represents the democratization of access to music education. The Phylos Group, our object of study , is a public school choir and initiative of the students , based on this law. We applied a questionnaire with participants aiming to quantify the importance of the project for its insertion in the centers of culture. 38 % had never been to the theater before the project and 97 % have interest in cultural activities in other cultural centers after it. From this initiative it was realized the importance of developing activities like this because it is noticed that in addition to bringing improvements in academic and social contexts through cultural inclusion those activities also show that public school students can present artistic works of quality.