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Kefirada Milk 2.0: An Organic Alternative to Dairy Product as a Functional Food

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Salinas Contreras, Javiera
Araya Berrios, Katherine

Milk and its derivatives are highly consumed food around the world, its importance lies in the presence of nutrients beneficial to health. Currently, it has revived the trend to organic food; a natural dairy product is Kefir presenting multiple physiological properties. This research project proposes the nutritional study of Kefirada milk prepared in three treatments. In Chile kefirida milk is better known as 'yoghurt of birds'. Microbiological analysis was performed using the Gram stain, on the other hand, the nutritional characterization of the kefirado product was performed using various analytical techniques. Kefirada milk presents a microbiota with greater diversity of organisms. The total sugar content decreases in kefiradas milk. In relation to the content of protein and fat, these remain in the kefirada milk compared to the milk used for its preparation. According to nutritional outcomes, milk fermented in the different treatments, milk kefirada, could be a diet product. Anova statistical analyses and test a posteriori tuckey, show that are the proteins found in a greater amount in kefirada lactose-free milk. However its lipid content is maintained in kefirada skim and whole milk, on the contrary, the sugar content is significantly reduced in the three culture media. Finally, it is concluded that Kefirada milk fermented in different treatments, presents a microbiological and nutritional composition similar and competitive to commercial dairy products as well that the kefir nodules are effective in different treatments.