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Easily Adjustable Dock System

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Kupietz, Ryan
Anderson, Nicholas
Kitoy, Ronald

This problem originated from our goal of making peoples lives easier by creating a new way to do a task. We started by finding situations where Minnesotans are forced to do more work than is needed. This brought us to the problem of fluctuating water levels in lakes, and how much extra time dock owners spend adjusting their docks. We found from surveying 50 people that own docks, about 80% of them considered this a problem. On top of this our research showed us that there was many past attempts at a solution to this and many things that could be used in a solution to this To give evidence to the problem, we recorded lake water fluctuation in 40 different lakes across Minnesota, and found that each lake recorded had some sort of water level change. We believe that with proper experimentation and research, we can make an effective solution to make this an easier task for all dock owners. We used the engineering design process to thoroughly accomplish our goal. By using each step in this process, we were able to accomplish our goal of finding a more effective solution to an easily adjustable dock system.