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The Blind's Device

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Cellular and Molecular Biology


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Abu Farha, Ahmad
Ramadan, Hasan

The seeing sense is the standard between the ability to vision and blindness. Often limits the ability of blind people to perform daily functions and affects the quality of life that that they live. In 2010 , an estimated 39 million people who are blind . Causes of visual impairment and blindness caused by aging are on the increase as a result of uncontrolled diabetes.This is a search to find a suitable way to help the blind to exercise his natural life and movement from one place to another without the help of another person .The idea of this research depend on the design of a stick and glasses fitted with a bell so that when approaching a blind person of barrier or wall is installed , the bell glasses worn by the blind issuing ringing to warn the blind person from approaching the body or the barrier .The working principle of the stick by sending frequencies of the sensitive compound on the bottom of the stick then sensitive sends frequency If the frequency rebounded shall be a barrier and as a result certain vibration of the main board and if it does not bounce it does not make humming any there is no barrier , but the two sensors on the end of the stick we know them if they send continuous vibration that there is a step , but if there was a hole the two sensors made intermittent vibrations .The project is Characterized as easy to use , easy to carry , flexible and low cost. The project can be developed by changing the glasses and put a piece on the receiver of the stick directly through the central piece because of its ability to install several pieces by the ease of programming , and also it is possible to add a ( GPS) device to know specific places and the searching voice devise . The necessary tools were equipped and assembled then we got the device ,