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Evaluation of Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit Utilizing Confusion Assessment Methods

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Batta, Anika (School: Stanton College Preparatory School)
Brown, Mackenzie
Brown, Mackenzie (School: Stanton College Preparatory School)

In this prospective study, “The Evaluation of Delirium in the ICU Utilizing CAM-ICU,” the impact of additional physical therapy for critically ill patients suffering from delirium will be evaluated. Delirium is a condition in which patients experience a confused mental state and change in behavior. These patients may have problems with the following: attention, thinking, awareness, emotion, memory, muscle control, sleeping, and awakening. The expected goal is to use Physical Therapy to increase patients’ early mobility once per day and to determine the correct dose of Physical Therapy for patients. Adult inpatients, 18 or older, admitted to the ICU in Dr. P. Phillips Hospital will be recruited for participation in this study. Once patients pass the screening criteria and exhibit appropriate health conditions, they will be dangled at the bedside. Patients will be assisted by an RN, PT, as well as any piece of furniture they shall need. Patients will be analyzed and evaluated based upon their length of time of dangling and the phases of ambulation that they successfully complete. The ideal length of time proved to be six minutes. A few of the subjects that participated in this study proved to proceed to Phase 5 and achieve ambulation. Dangling is the gateway for expedited early mobility in patients placed in the ICU. With the correct dose of physical therapy, the quality of life for patients will increase and early mobility will be achieved faster for patients admitted in the ICU.