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Super Spider Sieve

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Environmental Engineering


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Roslaile, Ain Adibah
Mustapha, Farah

Inhaling carbon monoxide can be fatal. This gas is produced whenever fuel is burnt and the level of carbon monoxide exhaled can be life threatening without any visible warning signs. Therefore, The Super Spider Sieve is an invention of air filter that can be part of vehicles exhaust to absorb carbon monoxide from being emitted into the environment. The Super Spider Sieve can effectively absorb poisonous gases because the presence of Chlorophytum Comosum (spider plant) which has this natural capability to do so. Hence, this contribute to save the environment. Chlorophytum Comosum is grinded to form air filter. The rate of carbon monoxide absorbed by this filter is measured using carbon monoxide detector. From our study, it is identified that 15g of Chlorophytum Comosum can absorb 100% of carbon monoxide. As a conclusion, Super Spider Sieve air filter is not only able to reduce the level of carbon monoxide presence in the environment, but it is also an environmental friendly life-saving device. Keywords : Chlorophytum Comosum, carbon monoxide, air filter, life threatening, environmental friendly