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Embedded Systems


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Nerinovskiy, Arseny

Android2Mouse is a mobile application allowing to remotely control a computer using a smartphone. The application can be installed on any smarphone running Android. The application makes possible to use the phone as a computer mouse, a keyboard, or a game-pad. It does not require installation of any software on the computer being controlled. The connection with the computer is provided via Bluetooth. All the computer mouse functions and most of keyboard and game-pad functions can be performed remotely using the smartphone. A smartphone running Android2Mouse does not need any surface to be moved on, which is very convenient for presentations and for computer game interaction. Also the gamer is more involved in the gaming process due to the fact that the classical stick is replaced by the gyroscope of the mobile phone, offering a more intuitive gaming experience. The software was developed with arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc cross-compiler and Google Android Sdk program package.