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Light It Up

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Floyd, Savannah

This project is on the effects of Syntonic Light Therapy on peripheral vision. The basis for this research was to determine if certain wavelengths of light would change or affect peripheral vision and a persons visual complaints. I chose to do this project because I had a traumatic brain injury when I was six years old and Syntonic Light Therapy was used to help speed up my recovery. In order to carry out the experiment, participants underwent a functional visual field test before beginning Syontonics to show the extent of their peripheral vision. Functional visual fields were performed after every 8 sessions of Syntonic Light Therapy. Participants were also asked to fill out a visual complaints worksheet before beginning Syntonics and after it had been stopped. My research project is to find out if by using Syntonics a persons functional peripheral vision and visual complaints are changed. The initial functional visual field of all the test subjects showed a significantly constricted visual field of 5-10 degrees. After undergoing just 8 sessions of Syntonics there was an increase in peripheral vision. In fact, after 40 sessions the functional visual fields of all the test subjects were within a normal range of 25-30 degrees. This research is very interesting and can be used in many ways. This research supports the fact that certain wavelengths of light, when entering through the eyes, can improve peripheral vision and lessen visual symptoms. Further research will be done to determine other benefits of Syntonics. I am going to continue this research to hopefully improve the knowledge and awareness in the medical field for possibilities of using Syntonic Light Therapy for curing all types of visual, as well as, systemic complications.