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Engineering Mechanics


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Perez Arana, Saul

People can get water by opening the key of a faucet, but this is not a reality for everyone, a lot of people don’t have the service to get water and they need to buy it from a water pipe and save it in bottles. To get that the water could be transported from a low point (Deposit of water) to a higher container (Water tank) they need to bring it in buckets, but while they are transporting the water there are a lot of problems and risks. That problems and risks can be resolved by “Hidrociclismo” because with this project we can make easier the transportation of water and more economic than the conventional ways. The consumption of energy is another problem that “Hidrociclismo” can solve because in the process of its use it doesn’t need electrical energy. For the prototype I used a mountain bicycle, I created a base for the bicycle to keep it and water pump static. In the water pump is welded a piece of metal called arrow, this piece has a pulley on it. The last thing I connected the tire with the pulley using a strip of truck motor. I calculated that the energy that a human could provide is 1030.89 w and the water pump only needs 186.42 w. For the revolutions per minute a person could make 3628.8 of the 3460 that uses commonly and it can pump 48 liters per minute. “Hidrociclismo” is a project that amazes with its results.