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A Novel Egg Timer Test on the Horizon: Changing Womens' Lives

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Kumar, Tanya (School: Rutherford High School)

The egg timer test is a novel test that allows women to know how fast their biological clock is ticking. The test measures anti-Mullerian Hormone/Mullerian inhibiting substance (AMH/MIS), a hormone that is produced by the granulosa cells in ovarian follicles. The levels of AMH detected in a woman's blood are thought to reflect the egg supply remaining in the woman's ovary (ovarian reserve). Serum samples from normal cycling females were tested in Ultra sensitive AMH ELISA. It was observed that the AMH concentration decreased with increase in female subjects age after puberty. AMH has shown significant correlation (r=0.75) with Antral follicle counts (egg counts). A steep decrease in AMH value was observed after the age of 35 years and was non-detectable (zero) for post menopause subjects. The post menopausal subjects with increased AMH concentrations (zero vs > 10 ng/mL) are indicative of Granulosa cell tumor (GCT). The AMH concentration for PCOS subjects were significantly elevated over normal cycling subjects. The test has excellent predictive power for younger women who want to delay having babies until their late 30s or 40s, allowing them to plan whether they have the time to wait based on their current egg count. Also it will provide her an idea of whether she's at risk of having an early menopause or she's got diminished ovarian reserve and consider In-vitro fertilization techniques.