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The Effect of the Aqueous Extract of Lepidium meyenii walp Compared to Rivastigmine in the Memories of Rats that Have Scopolamine-Induced Amnesia in the Biotery of the Educational Institution "Jose Maria Arguedas"

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Plant Sciences


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Usuriaga Leon, Sarely
Rivera Cangalaya, Aylinne

This research deals with an experiment on the effect of black maca "Lepidium meyennii walp" in rats, specifically in the beneficial effects on memory and learning for its high content of polyphenols. Our overall goal is to determine whether the aqueous extract of black maca has a greater effect on memory compared with rivastigmine, in rats induced to amnesia with scopolamine in our bioterium of the school. This experiment arises due to the concern of poor academic performance of students not only locally but also regionally and nationally. Furthermore, in order to encourage the consumption of rich in polyphenols food that promote cognitive processes such as memory and concentration in humans. The methodology used to achieve the objectives is given by the applied research and experimental design having a control group and two experimental groups. The statistical results state that the administration of aqueous extract of black maca has a greater effect on memory in recently weaned rats.