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Orthopedic Vest

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Mamukashvili, Saba

My project's name is Orthopedic Vest. My vest's destination is to get rid of scoliosis in adults and treat patients. As it's known, the most important for humans is to be healthy and if we don't take care of it, we will get awful results. Scoliosis is illness, which is developing invisibly. This process directly progresses when you are sitting at the table or computer, also lifting heavy things. When I was 14, I was diagnosed with starting stage of scoliosis. The doctor prescribed: massage, exercises, swimming and existed orthopedic vest. The most hard and uncomfortable was wearing a vest. I couldn't adapt to it. I found out that it was unable to treat me, as it was trying to reach result applying physical strength. After research I found out that, spine's muscles get information from brain, and changes spine form relied on that information. Then I found clue for creating a different vest, which would give us real result. After experimentation with design I created the orthopedic vest, which is comfortable, light and easy to use. I have installed sensors and voice signal in my orthopedic vest. When adult wears my vest, if he/she sits in a wrong position at the table, the vest starts beeping using sensors. After hearing voice signal, the adult will try to fix his spine position. Beeping stops, when you calibrate the sitting style. After some period, regular usage of this vest regenerates reflex. In future, spine will get correct form with correct information from brain. I think usage of my vest will be fun for adults and we soon shall forget such a serious illness, which is spread and a lot of adults have discomfort with this. I am working on my vest's improvement in order to make it better to use. I hope this will help huge number of adults to get rid of scolios