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Benefits of the Education Style used in Asian and American Education Systems

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Lee, Hyejin

There are many different types of educational systems that exist. But, we are not sure which are the best educational systems for the students. The first experiement examined two different types of groups studying under American and Korean education systems. 30 students studied in the Asian education system and 30 students studied in the American education system. The groups were Elementary, middle, and high school students in Korea. They studied the same thing for one month and a half. After a month and half, they took the same test at the same time. The biggest difference between the two groups were, the American education system group got sports, music, more sleep, more breaks, and do group presentations. Also, this team will be graded on a scale instead of class rank. The Korean education system group does the same thing as before. The other experiemtns was in the US. Two different types of groups studying the different vocabulary of the languages used different styles. One was the visual, and the other one was the repeating system. This experiement was to determine which system would give better results for the students.